Agilent G1888 Headspace Sampler

This Agilent G1888 Headspace Sampler comes fully Refurbished and Tested.
Manufacturer: Agilent/HP

Agilent G1888 Headspace Sampler

The Agilent G1888 Headspace Sampler lets you automatically introduce volatile compounds from virtually any sample matrix directly into a GC or GC/MSD system. It features and inert sample pathway for superior chemical performance without analyte degradation or loss. And its high sample capacity and increased sensitivity ensure excellent performance for a wide range of analysis.

The G1888 Headspace Sampler is the perfect companion for Agilent 7890A, 6890, 5975C, or 5973 GC / MSD system.


  • 70 Sample Tray & 12 heating oven positions
  • Equilibration temperature of up to 230°C
  • Multiple headspace-extraction
  • Multi-line display and 19 key keypad
  • Pressure control for the fixed volume sample loop
  • Secure LAN-based instrument communications

One (1) Year Warranty Available