New Varian DS602 Dual Stage Pump

The pump works with force-feed lubrication, provided by an auxiliary gear-pump driven by the rotor of the vacuum pump itself. This ensures proper lubrication even when pressures are close to atmospheric.
Manufacturer: Varian

New Varian DS602 Dual Stage Pump
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These pumps are Brand New in the factory boxes.

The DS602  pump is a dual-stage, rotary vane pump, oil sealed, pump driven by a single-phase electric motor.


  • All parts in direct contact with the fluid pumped are free of copper alloys.
  • All materials are carefully selected to provide extended life.
  • A high capacity gas ballast device allow pumping condensable vapors.
  • All the parts composing the pump are fully replaceable due to the close machining tolerances and to the centering obtained by using reference pins.
  • Due to its design features and low number of gaskets, the pump requires little maintenance.  Disassembly and reassemble are easy and require minimal time.